jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

I am predicting bus cancellations (snow day) for tomorrow in and around Toronto - go tell your mom!

My name is Bren Dmitruk and I was the city of Barrie's premier in-school weathercaster. A major weather system is coming in from the west and it will bring heavy snow all around lake ontario. The snow will be worst between sunrise and 11 AM within which school buses normally run. I estimate that there is a 90 percent chance that the whole area will be a long weekend and if so, school buses will be canceled south of Barrie and east of Cambridge and Guelph. There is a 100% chance that at least part of the region will have a snow day.

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

home of the best selection of Christmas songs and lyrics as well as a growing resource of Christmas decoration and tree ideas

Welcome to my new christmas blog I put together for true fanatics of Christmas. You will find a wide range of Christmas ideas for tree and home decoration, christmas songs and lyrics of the season as well as ideas on how to put those christmas lights up on your house this holiday season. There are 200 of the best Christmas songs of all time and they can be found in the Best christmas songs of all time which continues on a second page and each of them has a youtube button to listen to it. There is wide selection of christmas related images on the christmas images, wallpapers, designs page. The lyrics page has a huge selection of Christmas lyrics. I also prepared pages for Christmas tree decoration ideas. The selection of tree ideas continues on several other pages each with a specific color theme. Start by mousing under the pages drop down menus to find each of the pages. I hope you find my blog's content useful. Keep the Christmas spirit alive and have a merry christmas!

 Christmas music is one of the parts of christmastime that can really help bring out the christmas spirit in you. Listen to christmas music and feel the joy of this great time of year! Christmas music on this blog is represented from the following artists:
the chipmunk christmas song, Mariah carey (various songs), michael buble, boney m, jackson 5, dean martin, nat king cole, lady gaga, taylor swift, wham (last christmas), christina aguilera, nsync, britney spears, justin bieber (mistletoe) and many more!

Some of the best christmas songs include: last christmas, christmas shoes, jingle bell rock, white christmas, charlie brown christmas, silent night, feliz navidad, winter wonderland, christmas canon, winter wonderland among many others!

Images cover many themes to help you find the perfect design for wallpaper, christmas ecard or any other christmas designs and they include: christmas greetings, decorations, christmas scenes from cities, ornaments, christmas trees, decorated stores, malls and houses, as well as all kinds of christmas lights.

Christmas decorations are another way people easily get in the christmas mood. I have included widely varying christmas tree decorating ideas organised by color theme. Purple, white, black, pink, red, silver&gold, blue and mixed themes.

I hope all the above helps you have a great holiday season. Celebrate this holiday season to the fullest! Merry christmas!